New Look are one of the largest independent retailers in the UK, with revenue over £1 billion.

Established for over forty years, the retailer offers a multi-platform shopping experience across online, bricks and mortar, and third-party vendors. V&C were invited to meet with board members and work with the Chief Customer Officer to find a new Head of Brand & Marketing to help drive online conversion.


Our approach was to seek out candidates with pure play ecommerce experience, strong relationships with third-party agencies, and radical ideas around how to reach the target audience.

It was important to map the market, not just from current experience perspective, but also from past experiences including fashion, accessories, and general retail where customer loyalty and online growth had seen significant increases in sales. New Look’s remit was primarily to find someone to drive change, so character and strength were key.


We asked candidates from a variety of backgrounds to prepare a brief presentation of the opportunities they saw, to help the client understand what each individual would bring to the task at hand. We helped New Look successfully recruit a candidate who had both pure play and bricks and mortar fashion background.

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