Nooshie is a new start up focused on accessories for the £2.3 billion UK pet market.

The business was looking to operate in the same way as fast retail fashion, showcasing exciting brands, and offering unique, boutique-style products, as well as those driven by fashion and seasonal trends. They approached us looking to appoint an experienced Trade Director.


The UK pet market is dominated by large nationwide retailers, as well as cluster retail stores.

The Trading Director remit was ambitious, in particular to find suitable candidates prepared to move from an established business to one with no trade history. It did help that Nooshie were VC-backed, but we were still asking for a leap of faith. The target was for the chosen individual to create a market space for brand names in the pet world by bringing them onto the platform. We therefore decided to look for potential candidates on the supplier and wholesaler side, who understood how to disrupt the pet market online.


This approach worked and the client onboarded a wholesale manager with over twenty years experience across the pet industry, with great contacts in accessories, food, supplements, insurance, and clothing, and who has already begun to build foundations for the business to sell online.

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