Did you know…

  • Denim laundries are one of the highest polluting facilities on the planet.
  • 3 – 4% of a factories production is waste.
  • UK is predicted to buy 87 million pairs of jeans this year SO…
  • The UK Retail needs near-shore flexibility to reduce over production and respond to the market’s needs.
  • About 70L litres of water is what it currently takes to finish one pair of jeans.
  • This can be reduced down significantly to 5 Litres by companies like Sartex.
  • Within 5 years jeans will be able to be created with only 100% recycled water through the Ozone or harvested rain water.

The fashion industry is unable to continue the way it is going and is desperately looking for more sustainable means to suit the needs of the consumer.

  1. Denim is one of the most contaminating industries and over 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are created by the fashion industry.
  2. Waste garments represent about 3-5% of every factory’s inventory.
  3. Asia production is planned 6 months in advance and Turkey (the main close to home supplier of denim) lead times for repeats are 3-4 weeks. This gives little flexibility for companies to react to consumer trends.
  4. Subcontracting is still rife in many countries due to large demand. Visits to factories are infrequent and checks made on factories are often done by 3rd party services – Sartex are completely verticle from Inspection of Fabric, Laying, Cutting, Confection, washing and finishing all in Monastir.
  5. Retailers are under a considerable amount of pressure to meet ethical and environmental targets.
  6. £140 million of clothing goes into landfill each year – washing garments in the UK will reduce over production and waste.

We are working to help sustain and introduce better alternatives to Denim production which of all the garments manufactured worldwide utilizes the most water, waste, chemicals and energy, as such we are launching the Sartex/Denim House services here in the UK – already working with UK brands Fat Face and Whistles as well as Global brands from 7 for all Mankind, Diesel, Replay to Boss amongst many others. Using organicsustainable and recycled fabrics together with their advanced eco production.

Sartex/Denim House have committed multi-million Euro investments in their incredible facilities in Monstir, Tunis. From Jeanologia and Tonello’s state of the art Ozone and Laser machineries to their Water treatment plant that recycles 70% of used water back into the factory and the balance clean enough to enter the Tunisian water system.

Sartex/Denim house’s senior management team will be showcasing their new innovative developments, processes and commitment to Sustainable Denim in person on the 21st January 2020 – for more information about attending contact shelley@vandc.uk