Point 3: The Importance of Direct Statements

Diversity & inclusivity is an opportunity for a business to grow and evolve. It’s about more than just recruiting more diverse candidates; it’s about creating a workplace where everyone feels welcomed, valued, respected and engaged.

Diversity and inclusivity are not just buzzwords – they are a business imperative.

Today, more than ever before, employers need to be aware of the benefits of an inclusive workforce. This includes both diversity and inclusivity.

Diversity is defined as the differences that make people unique from one another. Inclusivity means being open or accepting of all people regardless of their differences. Diversity and inclusivity are two different concepts but are often thought of together because they both aim to create a workplace where everyone feels safe, respected and valued for their unique perspectives and experiences.

To complement any job posting, direct statements about your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion should be embedded across the business’ communications. This will help to demonstrate an authentic commitment to D&I and create a culture of inclusion from day one.

Generic, copy/paste statements at the end of a job posting are counterproductive. Instead take the time to incorporate a more heartfelt and genuine statement about your commitment to D&I. Do this authentically. An honest and original message – one they’ve not seen a million times on other listings – is more likely to resonate with candidates.