On 4th December 2018, V&C hosted a breakfast event in London around Textile Sustainability and Innovation, and had guest speakers who attended as well as some press, and a Q&A session.

We partnered with Tejidos Royo and Nigel Salter who provided an insightful presentation and discussion on the topic of Textile Sustainability and Innovation. Tejidos Royo who has just pioneered the worlds first water free indigo dyeing technology and Nigel Salter, whose key areas of expertise is sustainability and disruption in the fashion and apparel sector working with some world-wide brands and retailers, as well as The Industry Body and The Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

"That was a super event and very engaging"
"Thank you again for hosting what was a very informative and inspiring talk this morning"
"You managed to bring to the stage two speakers with very different backgrounds but that together provided extremely relevant and complimentary information to the audience"