Vohs & Co has rebranded

We’re now V&C Associates, offering more brilliant recruitment solutions than ever before.

For retailers and suppliers our aim is to perfectly align ourselves with your business needs and for those seeking a career change, we can help. We still offer full-time roles and part-time roles across all levels, but we’ve got something else you’ll want to hear about.

It’s Called Flexing.

The world is changing and retail is one of the sectors that is probably changing the most, with more and more of us needing to work from home certainly for part of the time. That means we should all be open to flexible ideas so we’d like to share our new venture with you. We have a wide variety of roles at all levels available as a fixed term contract. Perhaps that doesn’t sound different but read on, it’s different, exciting and it’s entirely flexible.

Do you

  • Want a buyer but only two or three times a week?
  • Need a fixed term contract for your merchandising team?
  • Want a design director to give you direction for one season?
  • Need a buying director but you don’t want to pay a full-time salary?

Are you

  • An experienced digital expert but you’d like to work for more than one high street name?
  • A qualified HR professional looking for something that gives you better work/life balance?

That’s where we can help – we’re introducing Flexing.

We will find you the role or the resource you need on a fixed term contract basis (minimum 6 months).  Imagine – a product developer that works for you but instead of all the time, just some of the time so you save on a full-time salary.  Or for job changers, it could be you work for two brilliant organisations at the same time, 3 days a week with one, 2 days with another doing the job you love!


There’s More…

It gets better. We invoice clients direct, taking the onus away by organising the payment structure, taking care of NICS and PAYE and even holidays.  For clients, there’s no long-term commitment.  For candidates, there’s that flexibility and independence you can’t put a price on, there are also many more advantageous tax schemes.

Our pricing model is different too.  We know retailers and suppliers need their business costs at an affordable level, so every project is carefully costed out individually.  We want our partners to maintain their costs but still get the best possible service from us through FLEXING.

The benefits are huge for retailers and for candidates.

Just tell us the type of resource you’re looking for or the role that you dream of and we will do everything for you.

It’s time for retailers and suppliers to think differently…

We cover:

  • Digital
  • Design & Technical
  • Buying & Merchandising
  • Sustainability
  • Sourcing
  • Human Resources
  • Retail Operations

You know you can count on us to get it absolutely right for you. Click here to discuss your Flexing recruitment solution.