It’s Called Flexing.

The world is changing and retail is one of the sectors that is probably changing the most.  The past few months has seen most people review how they work more flexibly. It is just the start, going forward, this flexibility will be paramount for employees as well as employers.

Why not consider your Flexing model?

We still want to offer you new roles but in a different way.  Instead of being employed by one retail or supply business on a full-time basis, we can also offer you fixed term contracts or fixed term part-time contracts.  We can even offer you Flex to Perm and V&C Associates will effectively be your employer. We will guide you through the process on setting up an umbrella company or helping you register your company

It might not sound different yet but read on – it is different.  It’s exciting, it’s new and importantly, it’s flexible.

Flexing allows you to work for more than one retailer or supplier for as long as you want, for as many days a week as you want giving that flexible work /life balance if that what you are looking for.

As an example;

You might

  • Be a buyer but only want to work twice a week without long-term ties?
  • Think about working as a merchandiser but for a short term contract ?
  • Want to do a special, one-off design job?
  • Work as a Merchandise Manager, but part-time?
  • Want to have the opportunity of working on a multiple assignments with a different retailer or brand?

Flexing Makes it Possible

We will find you the role you want on a short, medium or long-term fixed contract basis (minimum 6 months).  It gives you tremendous flexibility.  Imagine – you could work somewhere as a product developer for two days a week and for the other three days, work as a selector for a different business. You might want to work two days as an Account Manager, have a day off in the middle of the week and work the rest of the week for another retailer, in the same or similar role. There are retailers and suppliers looking for this type of arrangement. It suits both of your needs.

Huge Benefits for Candidates

There’s a reason it’s called Flexing. It’s more than temporary roles or part-time contracts.  It’s more than fixed long-term contracts.  It allows you to work for two different organisations at once.  You get the benefits of two different companies, get to grips with different cultures, gain more experience and use your own experience to add a new dimension to another retailer or supplier.  It makes work life more interesting, variable and exciting – there’s no room for boredom!  Alternatively, use Flexing to create better work/life balance and work when you want to.

Effectively, V&C Associates (with our FCSA affiliated Umbrella partners)  would employ you and take care of NICS, PAYE and holidays.

We believe this is a new beginning, a new way of working for everyone.

We cover:

  • Digital
  • Design & Technical
  • Buying & Merchandising
  • Sustainability
  • Sourcing
  • Human Resources
  • Sales/Account Managers
  • Retail Operations

Flex with us – let V&C Associates get it absolutely right for you. Click here to discuss your Flexing employment solution.