• At V&C, we use technologies like cookies, pixels, and local storage to make our websites easier to use and to tailor content to be more relevant for you.
    This guide is designed to explain, as clearly as possible, what cookies are; the purpose of those used on V&C websites; and what options you have to control or delete them – if you decide you want to.

    What is a cookie?

    Almost every website uses cookie technology. A cookie is a small file that saves Internet settings. It gets downloaded through a browser during the first visit to a website. When you next return to the site using the same device, the browser may check to see if a related cookie is present (i.e. containing the site name) and use the data inside the cookie to send back to the site. This allows sites to recognise that the browser has visited before and, in some cases, vary the content shown to reflect that.

    The benefits of cookies

    Some cookies are extremely useful, because they can make the experience more user-friendly when you come back to a website you’ve visited several times previously. Provided you use the same device and browser as before, they can, for example, remember your preferences, help us to know how you use our sites, and make the content shown more relevant to your interests and needs.
    None of the cookies used on our websites collect information that personally identifies you.
    Below is a table showing the main cookies used on this website, explaining where they appear and what they do.

    Controlling and deleting cookies

    If you want to change how a browser uses cookies, including blocking or deleting cookies from V&C websites (or any other website in fact) you can do so by changing the browser settings.
    To control cookies, most browsers allow you to either accept or reject all cookies, only accept certain types of cookies, or prompt you each time a site wishes to save a cookie. It’s also easy to delete cookies that are already saved on your device by a browser.
    The processes for controlling and deleting cookies vary depending on which browser you use. To find out how to do so with a particular browser, you can use the Help function within it or alternatively you can visit http://www.aboutcookies.org which explains, step-by-step, how to control and delete cookies in most browsers.

    Cookie   Name   Purpose   Information
    Site cookie (for                        
    searching and                        
    improving visitor       This cookie is automatically created by our server to                
    experience)   session   allow authentication of users.            
            A third party cookie used to collect information about                
            how visitors use our site. We use the information to                
            compile reports and to help us improve the site. The   To find out
        _utma   cookies collect information in an anonymous form,   more
        _utmb   including the number of visitors to the site, where   visit Google
        _utmc   vistors have come to the site from and the pages they   Privacy Policy  
    Google Analytics   _utmz   visited.   Overview
            A third party cookie used by YouTube: We embed                
            videos from our official YouTube channel using   To find out
            YouTube’s privacy-enhanced mode. This mode may   more
            set cookies on your computer once you click on the   visit YouTube’s
            YouTube video player, but YouTube will not store   embedding  
            personally-identifiable cookie information for   videos  
        __utmb,   playbacks of embedded videos using the privacy-   information  
    YouTube   __atuvc   enhanced mode..   page


    A third party cookie for the Facebook Customer Audience Pixel on our website to advertise goods and services which may be of interest to you. For example, we may show an advert on Facebook which relates to particular pages you visited on our site when we have an offer on. The pixel will not provide any private information on your profile or account.


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