• We are unlike many digital marketing agencies in that our strategies rely on in-depth research and web analytics. We are Google Analytics Certified partner with over 20 years experience working within the Fashion Retail Sector and are known for generating meaningful insights, able to optimise your site thereby increasing conversion rates. Our inhouse marketing specialists centralise your analytics through Google tag manager.

    We offer a bespoke service to our clients, tailor their requirements and give clarity to their campaign results, providing a consultancy style approach with face-to-face monthly meetings analysing the results with a retail perspective.


    Pay Per click (Google Ads)

    We are Google Partners and certified in advanced AdWords management.

    As a Google analytics and Google tag manager certified partner, we understand how digital analytics can drive sales.
    Through thousands of hours spent managing campaigns within the Fashion and Retail we know what does and does not work.
    Couple this with our ability to create and/or manage campaign websites and you have a winning combination.

    Google PPC Setup

    V&C Digital Marketing Services will define your PPC strategy and create a collection of keywords that we intend to bid on; determining what keywords are the most valuable for us to target.
    The process combines extracting all your current keywords as well as those of your main competitors.
    The keywords are then run through various systems to work out those of highest value based on what users search for, and once these keywords are approved, we will set up the Adwords Campaign. Which includes Campaigns, AdGroups, AdCopy and Ad Extensions.

    Display Network Setup

    The Google Display Network allows you to connect with customers with a variety of ad formats across the digital universe. This network spans over two million websites that reach over 90% of people on the Internet. It can help you reach people while they’re browsing their favourite websites, showing a friend a YouTube video, checking their Gmail account, or using mobile sites and apps.
    We will define the best targeting options whether that is reaching users by interests, keywords, topics or placements.

    Banner Design

    Our design team will create ad banners based on your brand guidelines or provided assets.

    Re-Marketing Setup

    V&C Digital Marketing Services will set up a re-marketing audience on analytics or GTM, or if required we might need to send you a small piece of code.

    On-going Refinement and Management

    Regular on-going monthly management ensures you are optimising the campaigns to maximise conversions and ROI.


    Paid Social Media Marketing

    Social PPC is a relatively low-cost marketing tactic compared to some of the other options; V&C Digital Marketing Services will work with you to define an audience and create the perfect message to drive your business objectives.
    Strategy: Using Facebook and Instagram we will create a collection of campaigns that fit a carefully selected targeted demographic, geographic and psychographic profile. Using a variety of Ad formats, we will test and refine the best messages for generating conversions.

    Social Paid Strategy

    V&C Digital Marketing Services researches competitors, demographics, geographic and even psychographic profiles of potential audiences.
    “Psychographics” is a means of identifying users by interests, occupations, roles in life, predilections, and other personal characteristics. It’s like demographic research and persona modelling on a whole new level. We will then provide a strategy document that outlines our suggested Ad copy, channels, Ad formats and audience targeting.

    Ad Setup

    Once the strategy is approved, we will implement pixel tracking for your site and define the campaigns KPIs. We set up all ads and campaigns in your chosen channels before your campaign launch.

    On-Going Management and Refinement

    Social campaigns require constant monitoring. By testing various ad copy, imagery and audience targeting, we refine your campaign over time. As audiences become saturated, having seen your advert repeatedly, it is necessary to change these over the course of the campaign. Through this on-going management, we can ensure you are always getting the best exposure and the most relevant conversions.

    Channel Branding

    Although with paid advertising you don't necessarily lead people back to your social pages, it is still good practice to make sure they look good. V&C Digital Marketing Services will create branded banners and avatars for these channels, and if required we can add 3-5 new posts to make them look recently updated.


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